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Our Services

We are a premium provider of personalised accounting and business solutions achieved
by building strong relationships with our clients.

This includes maintenance of client accounting information systems, compilation of client financial statements and special reports. We assist with the development of information systems, and review/prepare reports required for regulatory agencies and for meeting contractual credit agreements.

Audit, Risk Management & Assurance

Our audits are designed to assist clients to meet their legal requirements and satisfy the needs of financiers, shareholders or other stakeholders.


Our audit methodology enables us to obtain a thorough understanding of our clients’ organisations. This insight allows us to provide an effective as well as a value added audit.


We provide a full range of services including:

  • Company Audits of listed and unlisted companies

  • AFS license audits

  • Audit of recoverable outgoings

  • Audit of not-for-profit organisations

  • Solicitor trust accounts

  • Real estate agent trust accounts.

Bookkeeping services 

We provide bookkeeping services that will free you to focus on the operational side of your business. Our services will help you understand the financial health of your business, and will give you peace of mind  when  making  financial decisions.


As a small business owner, you will have certain obligations to the ATO in regard to reporting business taxation. Such obligations include the need to complete an IAS (Instalment Activity Statement) or BAS (Business Activity Statement). As your business grows, you may also need to register for GST


We are very experienced and can help you meet your ongoing compliance commitments.

Business Advisory

We work with clients to interpret and analyse their accounting and financial information to evaluate business performance and use this information to help clients make informed decisions. We specialise in business structures and will advise the best structure to meet client needs. We can undertake business valuations and assist with decisions relating to business sale and succession. We help our clients to identify their personal and business goals and then work closely with them to achieve their goals.

Estate Planning

Together with our or your legal representatives we will help you prepare an Estate Plan to protect your wealth and to facilitate passing the wealth on to family members or others in a way that is consistent with your wishes. Once the Plan is in place we can help you manage your estate by:


  • preparing wills and powers of attorney

  • planning and managing assets transfer

  • resolving family disputes

  • administering deceased estates

  • forming and structuring companies and trusts

Superannuation and SMSF

We examine various retirement strategies for our clients. We can assist with the establishment of an SMSF and prepare and lodge the income tax returns, financial statements and regulatory returns of the fund. We will also oversee the audit of superannuation funds.

Superannuation Audit Services

At Boyd Legg & Co. we specialise in audit of self-managed superannuation funds. We are required to follow a range of standards, codes of practice and requirements. At Boyd Legg & Co. we work closely with all professional accounting bodies in relation to the requirements and standards relevant to SMSF audits and accordingly provide a strong positive influence on clients to recognise and adopt best practices. We provide you with assistance and support so that you can incorporate these systems within your organisation.


As a registered company auditor and a SMSF accredited auditor, we possess the required capabilities and competencies to conduct a compliance audit of an SMSF, including full knowledge and application of the relevant legislation.

Tax Consulting

We provide tax planning and compliance services for both individuals and businesses. We can assess the tax implications of various business and individual decisions. Taxation laws and regulations are constantly changing. We pride ourselves on our internal training allowing us to keep abreast of changes and give clients the best tax planning/tax management advice.

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